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Quoting our founder Andrew Defries PhD:

Since my work with medicinal cannabis I have had a burning desire to grow high CBD strains in the field using sustainable cultivation practices.

I knew that by implementing cover crop and no till techniques I would decrease overall carbon footprint and price tag of $/mg of CBD.

My motivation was that these savings could, in turn, translate down to the consumer.

Having experience launching several extraction labs across the US I was certain that the cost of producing the extract itself could be reduced through improvements in the extraction process

Thus, I had commited myself to building a vertically integrated cannabis company called 710 Vermont.

Out of pure simplicity improvements to the extraction process also lead to a lower carbon footprint and cost for the production of CBD extract

(For more information on this see my article on solventless extracts). Or explore our solventless products

For more details on 710 Vemont LLC please click here